Masters Course in Facial Fat Grafting

Masters Course in Facial Fat Grafting
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Masters Course in Facial Fat Grafting (MCFFG)

Autologous fat grafting has seen exponential growth in the market size, revenues, patient acceptance & technologies due to the improved methods for harvesting and re-introduction techniques used.
Duration:1 day
Master Certificate: 1 day 
Training: Live Sessions and Hands-On

Eligibility Criteria: MDS, Plastic Surgeon & MS

Course Description:
Autologous facial fat grafting has seen exponential growth in the market size, revenues, patient acceptance & technologies due to the improved methods for harvesting & re-introduction techniques used.
Typical facial augmentation procedures using fat transfer yield almost 80% + revascularisation rates & yield much higher duration for the life of the augmentation that can last for (7) years or more.

Cosmetica Master Course in facial fat grafting (MCFFG) takes an extremely practical approach. Every topic is introduced with a brief theoretical explanation and later developed in-depth, while the trainer performs techniques on actual patients.

Why one should do this program?

As for students, being able to practice one-on-one on model patients under the guidance of the trainer, provides the level of confidence necessary to apply what they've learned once the course is over.
1-day program with live interactive sessions and Hands-on practical training.
Certification of completion from Cosmetica India.
Gain depth knowledge of advanced procedures & techniques during hands-on training.

What is the future scope of this industry?

The field of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who can perform facial fat grafting procedures.

Advancement in technology -Continuous advancement in fat grafting techniques, such as liposuction methods, fat processing tools, and grafting procedures are leading to improved outcomes, reduced risks, and wider applicability. This opens doors for treating various concerns beyond facial rejuvenation like Scar revision, and hand rejuvenation.

Increasing demand for Aesthetic procedures. The global market for aesthetic procedures is booming, fueled, by rising disposable incomes, growing awareness of cosmetic enhancements, and evolving beauty standards.
Overall, the future scope of a Masters course in facial fat grafting appears promising, with increasing demand, technological advancements, and personalization driving its growth.

However addressing challenges like standardization, training, and cost will be crucial for ensuring the field's ethical and sustainable development.

About facial fat grafting Course:

A master Course in facial fat grafting is an advanced training program designed to teach medical professionals the latest techniques in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.
The specific content of a master course in facial fat grafting will vary depending on the institution offering the program but some common topics covered 


  • Anatomy of the face & neck
  • Fat harvesting techniques
  • Liposuction techniques
  • Fat Processing & Preparation
  • Grafting techniques for the different areas of the face
  • Complications and how to manage them
  • Patient selection and counseling

Benefits of master course in facial fat grafting: 

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques in facial fat grafting.
Improving your skills in performing this procedure.
Learning from experienced instructors.
Networking with other medical Professionals who are interested in facial fat grafting.

1. Where is the fat typically harvested from?
Common donor sites include the abdomen, thighs & buttocks your doctor will consider your body composition and preferences to determine the optimal site.

2. How long does the procedure take?
The duration can range from 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the areas treated.

3.How do I enroll in Master course in facial fat grafting?
To enroll visit the official website of the course provider. Typically, there is an online registration process where you provide your credentials, background information, and payment details. Make sure to review the course details including the curriculum faculty and certification, before finalizing your enrollment.

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