Master Course In Trichology

Master Course In Trichology
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Master Course In Trichology

ELIGIBILITY of Trichology Course: Doctors & allied specialists

JOB/CAREER OPPORTUNITY of Trichology Course:

  • Quality as a Trichologist Hair Care Therapist.
  • Can work as a super-specialist doctor.
  • They can also practice in their own centers.

METHOD: Combined-Learning program.

DURATION: 2 days of onsite practical training plus 3 months of supervised online learning.

COURSE FEE of Trichology:

Rs. 35000 + 18% GST

Master Course in Trichology is a 2-day onsite training program plus 2- months of supervised online learning.

To ensure practitioners have a complete theoretical knowledge in trichology and be able to perform trichology procedures confidently and ethically.

Upon completion, practitioners shall have acquired operational skills, clinical skills, and managerial skills to start and operate a trichology Centre or incorporate
trichology procedures into their practice. They would have also gained analytical &critical thinking abilities, including troubleshooting operational and clinical issues.

Practicing Dermatologist & Trichologist.

COURSE CURRICULUM: Sessions for Training and Hands-On


Hair & Scalp Anatomy

Investigation & Treatment of Hair & Scalp.
Hair & Scalp Analysis with Trichoscope.

Hair Fall Therapy (Alopecia): Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia (Genetic Hair loss) and Traction Alopecia.
Hair Thinning Therapy.
Laser Scalp Stimulation Therapy.

PRP Therapy (Regenera PRP).
Microneedle Therapy.
Meso Therapy.
Dermaroller Therapy

Stem cell therapy.
Hair VolumeEnhancement.
Hair FollicleStrengthening.

Treatment for Hairloss


FUE/ FUT Hair Transplant

  • Hair Weaving & hair patching & bonding.
  • Anti-dandruff Therapy.

Biotin mask therapy and keratin therapy for chemical hair damage, Split ends etc.
Scalp micro pigmentation to increase hair density effect.

Correction of Scar marks in beard & mustache with micro pigmentation.
How to market your trichology center.


reviews 5

Dr. Deepthi's Crowns Aesthetic Solutions 06 Dec 2023

The best teacher and academy i have seen so far. I strongly recommend cosmetica India academy for anyone planning for cosmetology and trichology courses, knowledgeable surgeons, doctors, hospitality and the list goes on. Thanks a ton cosmetica indica and Dr.Chandraprakash ji .

Dr.Vishal bhardwaj 14 Dec 2023

I recently had the privilege of undergoing a life changing experience under the expert care of Dr.Chandra Prakash ,a highly respected cosmetic surgeon known for his exceptional skills in hair transplant and facial cosmetic surgery.I highly recommend Cosmetica india Academy for your skill enhancement.

DR.Rishita Sinha 14 Dec 2023

This is a wonderful place .I've learnt a lot over here about not just trichology procedures but also dental ones .Dr.Chandra Prakash and Dr Anu are just fantastic .Overall my experience over here has been very impactful and worthwhile.Thanks to the entire team of Cosmetica India.

Dr.Tini Katyal 14 Dec 2023

DR.Prakash and the entire staff at cosmetica india clinic are all very friendly and helpful . I recommend each and every person to join cosmetica academy.

DR.Akash Sharma 14 Dec 2023

My experience was very nice in Cosmetica.I done my trichology course under the guidence of Dr.Chandra Prakash and their team.He is a very very good mentor i suggest those who want to learn cosmetic .Please join and learn Cosmetica.

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