Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetology

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  • November 16, 2023
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Cosmetica India's Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology equips beauty professionals to get themselves advanced for job opportunities at top beauty parlors in the country, rejuvenation/spa centers, derma clinics, cosmetology centers, salons, clinical art studios, or work with skin doctors and associations with celebrity makeup artists.

The course is best suited for -

The fashion industry and beauty enthusiasts are looking to acquire professional expertise with high-worth certificates. Those who are looking to have a stable career should enrol for this post-graduate Diploma in Cosmetology. In later stages, this will yield exceptional add-on benefits to stain out the most sought-after job-oriented vocational training courses. Our curriculum and training programs are far better than those traditional academic courses of the old Indian education system.

Course Details -

The cosmetology program is both an art and a science. The postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetology at Cosmetica India can help you master the art of present-day cosmetology and prepare you for further exciting career options in the wellness, medico/non-medico industry for the new age enthusiasts. 

Our course is structured in such a manner that you will be able to gain insights and head from the basics to advance. Our technical experts offer professional-level guidance and support in facials, pigmentation, beauty, body contouring, hair, PRP, laser, body therapy, etc.

If you are looking for the best postgraduate Diploma in cosmetology then Cosmetica India has the best to offer. Our structured courses will bring you the experience of a lifetime and the entire curriculum will help you gain insights. We will make sure that each of the participants will be well-equipped to obtain successful journeys ahead.

The placement team at Cosmetica India works tirelessly to ensure that each individual attains financial freedom by getting placed in higher-tier jobs where they will be able to explore the world of possibilities with a professional skill set.

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